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  • Feb 22/23 Musicedexpo Posted on 25 July 2017

    This year I will be on and around the Spartan Press Music stand for the whole exhibition, the new book seven steps to more successful concerts will be released at this event, the pre publication reviews are amazing, here is one

    “  Seven Steps to More Successful Concerts ” by Tim Knight is a fine follow up to his previous “The Survival of Your Choir”. With an estimated 20,000 choirs across the UK the market share of audience for each choir is diminishing. Tim Knight’s book shows how, by applying commercial & social media marketing techniques and strategic planning, it is possible not just to increase audience share and choir revenue, but also to encourage new repertoire and utilize diverse venues to help spread the reach of choral music as public entertainment and education. The great thing is that this is not a theoretical guide but is based on real life tried and tested practical experience.   


    Phillip Tolley

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